Fermented Vital Food

Give your gut a hug with fermented foods

When you ferment foods, it converts the sugars into cellular energy and lactic acid. This process creates amazing digestive enzymes and probiotics, all whilst reducing the sugar content of the food or drink - it’s win-win! 

Helps To Rid Your Body Of Toxins and Your Immune System Gets A Boost!

In this work shop you will learn how to effectively ferment a wide variety of ingredients, allowing you to enhance the nutrition and preserve your bounty for months to come. Why to eat fermented Food and how Fermented delicious food - kimchi  (corean sauerkraut) sauerkraut, pickels .

Fermented refreshing drinks  - kombucha, kefirs (coconut & ginger ), Bettkvass. The most delighful vegan aged cheeses and they best companions the raw crackers, relish and chutneys

Raw Bakery

Baking with no sugar, no wheat, no dairy – no problem!

looking for a nourishing high and guilty free alternative of Breads, Crackers  and cakes that are vibrant, nature and wholesome as being directly extracted from mother earth?

Here I "rawward "you with this work shop:
- Variety of  breads recipes including
- Burguer bun
- Sauerdoug
- Savory grains bread
- Superfood flatbread
- Healthy cookies dough
- Cheese, fruit cake
- Rawliscious Praliné refined sugar free
- Raw Bar

Feel good and do good with raw goodies _ no more craving for junk food!

raw food - all you need to know

Create raw recipes to Enjoy delicious yet high on nutrition meals

You’ll learn to incorporate simple, delicious raw recipes in your daily life at home.
The basics of raw food prep; soaking, sprouting, dehydrating etc...Prepare differents dishes from rawlasagne , soups, Raw sushi reis, up to guilty free desertsand vital smoothies toped with superfoods for extra  boost and glow.

All you want to know to star to make vibrant vegan food at home