My Journey

Flavors, colors and textures of any kind, from different sources and cultures has always inspired me.

Embarking on the Raw Food path has helped me to cultivate self-love.

No wonder that from a professional fashion background I became an artisan Raw Food Chef. Cause of a deep desire to create in my life harmony between mind body and soul.

I started a beautiful culinary journey from the Ayurvedic Kitchen into a vegan raw food diet. Traveling the hot spots for raw vegan kitchen like Costa Rica, Bali, Thailand, USA, England and others countries.

I was blessed  to work and learn with worldwide recognized chefs, academies and yoga retreat centers. Since then I combined the philosophy from those cutting edge nutritional knowledge with the flavors of different cultures into vibrant dishes that nurture the body, satisfy the senses.

Eating raw, living, vital foods is a way of eating consciously. Developing mindful, conscious eating habits nourishes body, mind and spirit!



Why Raw Food

I believe raw food is one of the most pure, delicious forms of cuisine.

“Raw cuisine is based on the strict principle of not using heat above 42 degrees Celsius ( 115 F) on food. This is the temperature at which food begins to lose enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Many studies have shown that cooking food decreases its nutritional value, digestibility, and other health boosting properties.

“Consuming raw foods rich in enzymes and nutrients significantly increases energy levels, strengthens your bones and muscles, and leads to a healthier more vibrant body and mind.”

Raw food  is served in its most natural state – untouched by sugar, dairy products, preservatives and coloring.

Enzymes are the Secret of Anti-Aging, Longlivity, Radiant Health. Enzymes keep us young, energized and healthy and Raw foods are rich in enzymes. Enzymes are needed for the digestive system to work. They are necessary to break down food particles so they can be utilized for energy. 

My High Vibe Kitchen

I offer you a natural  food concept that will nourishe at all levels, spoile your pallet and brings your soul to  shine. With all the remarkable benefits of the raw food kitchen but enjoyment is essential! Only those who enjoys, are permanently happy in this life!

Be inspired & indulge with love

In the colorful food creations reflects my Brazilian temperament, pure joy, abundance and creativity. Inspired by the stays in Costa Rica, Bali, Thailand, United States and the world-class training with the top chefs of the world's leading Raw Food Academies and gourmet restaurants I create culinary compositions with the highest health requirements, have the same nuacen with the finest taste from around the world  and touch the senses.

Feel good and be good