Private Chef

Be it at a large event, a spa, a retreat or a private dinner party at home or at work, I cater to you and your guests the unique and exquisite Raw Food Experience. From cocktail hors d'oeuvres to high-end 5 star dinners (up-to-6 course meals), we make sure to only combine delicious, health-conscious, locally sourced ingredients to provide a memorable engagement. 

LET me „cook“ for you

Impress your guests with a plant-based dinner party, holiday gathering, themed event or a customized menu. Let me design a menu that will not only make you proud, it will garnish rave reviews from family, friends & collegues


Are you planing a yoga, mindfullness reatreat but you still need a chef to serve from hearth a menu that features gourmet, high vibration Living Food ? to pampering your customers with alkaline fresh juices, cleansing detox beverages, fruits, organic salads and raw chocolate is the ideal nourishment for the yogic and radiant lifestyle .

I cook, conceive and coach for clients all over the world

Menu Design - Gastro Coach

Whether you’re operating a small café or a 5-star resort and spa, we can work with you to develop a menu that will incorporate the creativity and health awareness that you need to attract a wider audience. We can create a menu from the ground up, deciding on particular themes or special diets you would like to cater to. Additionally, we can work with you to incorporate new dishes into your existing menu. We can enrich your life, boost your business, support a better world and enjoy the life-changing Raw Food Experience.