High Vibe Kitchen

I offer you a natural  food concept that will nourishe at all levels, spoile your tasty buds and brings your soul to  shine. With all the remarkable benefits of the raw food kitchen but enjoyment is essential! Only those who enjoys, are permanently happy in this life!

Be inspired & indulge with love

I experienced firsthand the effect of Raw Food: A few years ago, I suffered from adrenal fatigue. I was always tired, could not concentrate and couldn't control my mood swings. Ayurveda and TCM helped, but only after I changed my diet my energy returned! Thanks to Raw Food I have clear thoughts, I can tackle any set back with a positive outlook and I'm full of energy. Today nothing holds me back!

In the colorful food creations reflects my Brazilian temperament, pure joy, abundance and creativity. Inspired by the stays in Costa Rica, Bali, Thailand, United States and the world-class training with the top chefs of the world's leading Raw Food Academies and gourmet restaurants I create culinary compositions with the highest health requirements, have the same nuacen with the finest taste from around the world  and touch the senses.


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the art of raw food
Lisiane Pietsch
Raw Food Chef
Munich // Germany

+49 160 5819157